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E100S and AS32 Rebate

$50 Mail-In Rebate

Oct.1, 2016 - Feb 28, 2017

Please Read Carefully To Receive Your Rebate

1)Print out and complete all requested information on this form

2)Remove and include the UPC Code from the eligible product packaging

3)Make a copy of the original receipt from an authorized CAD Audio dealer

4)Mail UPC, Copy of Receipt and this form together to: CAD Audio Rebate

6573 Cochran Rd. Bldg I Solon, Ohio 44139

Rebate Code: 0115



City: State: Zip:___________________________________________________________________________________

Daytime Telephone Number:___________________________________________________________________________


Would you like to receive future product information from CAD Audio? Yes No

Retailer/Dealer Purchased From:_____________________________________________________________________

Dealer Location (City/State):_______________________________________________________________________

Date of Purchase:___________________________________________________________________________________

*Terms and Conditions: This rebate offer is made exclusively by CAD

Audio. The rebate applies only to E100S & AS32. This rebate offer is
available only to original end-user purchasers and is valid only for
their purchases of the qualifying new products made at CAD
Audio-authorized retail stores in the United States between October 1,
2016 – February 28, 2017. Rebate claims must be postmarked no later than
March 31, 2016. Distributors, retailers, and other resellers of CAD
Audio products, together with their employees, agents and families, are
not eligible for rebates, nor may CAD Audio product distributors,
retailers, resellers, or their employees, agents or families claim
rebates on behalf of end user purchasers. Rebate claims that do not
include all of the proper documentation and all of the other materials
required to be submitted will be ineligible for the rebate. Proper
documentation and other materials include: the properly completed
Official Rebate Offer Form, actual [no photocopied substitutions] model
number label [UPC proof of purchase] from the product cartons, a copy of
the original dated sales receipt issued by the authorized CAD Audio
dealer at the time of original sale, with the dealer’s name and other
identifying information. Completed Official Rebate Form must include all
required information. Upon receipt, all submitted documentation and
materials become the exclusive property of CAD Audio and will not be
returned. CAD Audio is not responsible for late, lost, damaged,
misdirected, incorrect, incomplete, illegible or postage due rebate
claims or claims that are not properly submitted for any reason. Such
rebate claims need not be honored. Keep copies of all documentation
submitted for your records. Offer open to U.S. residents only. This
rebate offer is void where taxed or prohibited by law. In any event,
rebate recipients are solely responsible for any taxes imposed on their
rebates. Rebate recipients should allow at least 6 to 8 weeks for CAD
Audio to send rebate checks. Please be certain to use your legal name
and address CAD will not re-issue

checks. CAD Audio also reserves the right at any time, without
notice, to suspend, terminate, or alter in any respect this rebate offer
or any related terms or conditions. CAD Audio’s decisions regarding
rebate eligibility and other matters related to this rebate offer are
final. CAD Audio’s rejection of any improper rebate claim will not
entitle the claimant to any refund, return or other accommodation with
respect to the claimant’s purchase of CAD Audio products. Should you
need to contact CAD Audio regarding your rebate claim please email us at

Cad Live